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Who We Are
Jim Tilmon, Sr.
President and CEO
Jim Tilmon has a lifetime of knowledge and experience that he is able to use and share with others to fill their need for good, sound and valid aviation advice and consultation.  He began his flying career in the United States Army as a helicopter and fixed wing pilot.  During his eight years in the military he served in the Army Corps of Engineers and was stationed at various bases in the United States and in Hanau, Germany.  He was honorably discharged with the rank of Captain.  From the Army he went on to fly for American Airlines, Inc. as a commercial pilot for nearly thirty years.  Of historical note, Jim was the third African-American hired to fly commercially by American Airlines and the fifth overall in the United States.  His experience included operating the DC-6, DC-7, BAC-111 and Boeing 727 and serving as an instructor on the BAC-111 at the American Airlines Flight Academy. 

He was also selected by American to participate in Vice President Hubert Humphrey’s Plans for Progress Task Force on Youth Motivation.  The program’s intent was to enlighten minority middle and high school students concerning the expanding opportunities in industry, and to inspire them with the confidence to seek careers in areas they may not have thought possible. 

Based in Chicago, IL for his entire airline career he retired with the rank of Captain. 

Not one to leave opportunities unexplored, he successfully coupled a career in television during most of his time with American.  Jim spent four years with WTTW, the Public Broadcasting System TV station in Chicago hosting his own live weekly magazine format show.  “Our People" was the first show of its kind in the nation – a show of, for and by Black people.  He then went on to spend 22½ years with WMAQ-TV, the NBC owned station in Chicago, initially hosting another weekly magazine format show, Tilmon Tempo" and then serving as on-air weather forecaster and aviation analyst.  After resigning from WMAQ-TV in 1994, Jim continued doing on-air aviation reporting for the FOX television station in Chicago and for the local FOX affiliate in Phoenix, AZ.  He was also frequently called upon as an expert in aviation matters by the FOX, NBC, CBS and ABC affiliates in Phoenix, WMAQ-TV in Chicago, NBC-17 Raleigh, and national outlets including, NBC Nightly News, CNBC, MSNBC, Chris Matthews "Hard Ball", the Abrams Report, the News with Brian Williams, Imus In The Morning, CNN, CNN International and Nightline with Ted Koppel.  Later Jim served as the aviation analyst and reporter for WBBM-TV CBS 2 Chicago. Various television, cable news and radio stations across the country often seek Jim’s commentary and aviation analysis.  He has also served as an expert witness in the areas of aviation and weather for many legal firms in Chicago and most recently for a firm in San Francisco. In 1993 a tribute to Jim honoring his 25 years of service as a Chicago journalist was read into the Congressional Record of the United States by Illinois Congressman Bobby L. Rush.

In April of 2000 Jim was honored by the Chicago Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences and presented the Silver Circle Award for his many significant contributions to the television industry for over 25 years. In 2004 the DuSable Museum of African American History named him a "Trailblazer" History Maker. Also in 2004, Jim was inducted into the Chicago Senior Citizens Hall of Fame and given the Luminary Senior Award for making "significant and continuing contributions to the social and cultural life in the City of Chicago"

Jim was honored when asked to become Vice Chairman of Your Success Network by its founders Robert Oblon and Sharon Yamin.  YSN offers a source of life skills and personal development training available through interactive Internet access whose mission is to offer content to broaden the minds of those who have the desire for change and are willing to take the time to learn.

Jim was again honored by Darrell Scott when selected to serve on the National Advisory Board for Rachel’s Challenge.  This gave him an opportunity to participate in the marvelous endeavor to carry Rachel’s incredible message of kindness and compassion to countless young people across the world. 

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Jim Tilmon, Jr
Area of focus - Aviation Safety Consultation
Jim’s 25 years of professional flying experience ranges from single pilot of small chartered aircraft, to command and crew member on piston and turbine regional aircraft, to command and crew member on Transport Category Jet aircraft.  He has operational experience throughout North America, South America, Central America, Europe and the Caribbean.  His expertise is extensive and he is described by those who know him as a “living and walking encyclopedia” on every known type of aircraft and most aviation matters. 

His overall knowledge of almost every airplane and rotorcraft now in use coupled with his broad cockpit experience enable him to quickly respond to questions concerning aviation events and accidents both rapidly and accurately. 

He has been a constant student of the business of aviation from the inside out and has a unique understanding of the entire industry.  Today’s airlines are forced to concentrate on yield, an area where Jim can bring the kind of advice that could significantly improve the bottom line.

Joan Cuyjet Tilmon
Areas of focus - Aviation Consultation Support, Creative Arts, General Support
Joan Cuyjet Tilmon enjoyed a multi-faceted career with a major commercial airline.  In her fifteen years with the airline she acquired knowledge and skills in the areas of crew scheduling and crew compensation, as a ticket lift/gate agent, a passenger service manager and flight service (flight attendant) supervisor.  Having been selected for and participating in a management development program, Joan also gained experience in passenger sales, conducted quality control time studies around the airline’s airport system and co-wrote the Emergency Procedures Manual needed for the airline’s opening of service in Frankfurt, Germany.  Resigning her position at the airline, she was able to develop her interest in graphics and their use in various areas of media production. 

Together with her husband Jim they formed, Carpe Diem! Productions in 1993.  The company prided itself on producing broadcast quality video and audio for clients ranging from those needing simple PowerPoint presentations to full television and radio media campaigns. Carpe Diem! fell victim to the economic influences following 9/11/2001 and closed its doors by the end of 2003. During those ten years Joan was able to become proficient in many areas of creative arts and continues to use those skills today.