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About The Tilmon Group
The Tilmon Group is comprised of individuals whose talents range from children's book authors to internationally recognized aviation analyst. Each has brought his or her expertise to enhance the multi-talented and multifaceted president of The Tilmon Group, Jim Tilmon.

Jim Tilmon is a success in many and various career areas. He flew airplanes for a commercial airline for 29 and a half years spending a portion of that time as an instructor. He hosted the television program "Our People" the first of its kind in the nation, a show of, for and by Black people. He served on television, on both NBC and CBS, in Chicago for over 25 years as a show host, weather anchor and aviation analyst. He is an award-winning producer of audio and video presentations with over 35 years experience. Jim is also an accomplished concert musician.

With the formation of The Tilmon Group, it is Jim's hope that others will now be able to benefit from the knowledge acquired through his many accomplishments.