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What We Do
As it is with everyone, life teaches many lessons. We at The Tilmon Group do our best to take the knowledge we have acquired through our lives and share what we have learned.

Our backgrounds are particularly experienced to enable us to work in the areas of aviation analysis (combined pilot flight experience of over 60 years and aviation reporting and analysis for over 30 years), weather analysis and consultation (weathercaster/anchor for over 23 years), personal development/media coaching (experienced being an on-air award-winning talent, the interviewer, being the interviewed, working in the media production industry on "both sides of the camera", and being exposed to a myriad of social situations), creating books (documenting our experiences, knowledge and ideas) and music (expressing feelings through sound), public speaking (sharing what we know in an enjoyable way), life skills training (for young and old - having "been there, done that" - and presenting information with 21st century tools and techniques), and simply having fun (taking a recess from life's daily challenges).

We pride ourselves on honesty and integrity in whatever business endeavors we undertake with our clients.