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Personal Development/Media Coaching
Entry into the entertainment and media world looks simple and easy and many times it may be just that.  However, a number of those seeking careers in that arena find out the hard way that they may not be completely ready for prime time.  They may have the raw talent and they may be ready to perform, but are they prepared for success? 

Jim Tilmon brings decades of experience both in front and behind the camera.  His experience with print, radio, television and the internet covers over four decades.  His wealth of interviews and dialogs on a wide variety of subjects has prepared him to work with others to help them develop a polish far beyond their actual experience. 

He will help anyone with true desire and willingness to learn to develop the confidence and poise necessary to jump start their careers and prepare them for everything from the very comfortable situations to the hostile interviews. 

This may turn out to be the ingredient necessary to help a career take off and never look back.

To schedule a time to discuss getting started developing your media skills, please email