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Elevating Health, Wealth and Happiness
Elevacity is also the home of the
Recenly Published, Open a Window, Walk Through a Door, a poetic journey through many of life’s challenges offering ideas and solutions that shed light on living a fulfilled life of joy and happiness. Preview the book here.

Available in hardcover, softcover and as an iBook.

I Just Wanted to Fly! is Jim's story of his journey from seeing an American Airlines airplane at age 5, deciding he wanted to be a commercial airline pilot and reaching that goal 26 years later. Soon to be published, it is a fascinating and remarkable story particularly because he is a black man who grew up in a segregated society and faced challenge and resistance nearly every step of the way.


From Jim Tilmon
“It is my passion to bring a message of belief and confidence to as many as will listen.  My primary topic is: The Power of Belief – in Yourself and Your Life.

It was belief that my dream would become reality that took a 5-year old boy from Oklahoma to the cockpit of an airliner as one of the first five Black commercial pilots in the United States of America.  Was there adversity?  Absolutely. Were there obstacles? Many. Did my belief ever waiver? No.

Know that you can dream your own dreams and they can come true if you are willing to truly develop an unwavering belief in yourself and your capabilities.  It happened for me.  Let me share my story with you.

Please see the Public Speaking page to learn about other topics!
Missed "Flight" in the theaters? Now available in Blu-ray, DVD and Digital
Jim Tilmon's eBook is now available at Amazon Kindle, iTunes/iBookstore, Barnes & Noble and Sony ReaderStore, Kobo and Copia!

Age is an Attitude, Tips and Tricks for Young People over 60, by Jim Tilmon

Age Is an Attitude

The songs from Angel Whispers are now under the album title Soft Songs, music that can soothe the busy soul.

Now available for download. Click below to find out more and where to get your copy.