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As a boy Jim Tilmon always had a keen interest in music.  He has studied clarinet from the age of 11 and finished first in performance competitions throughout his high school years.   He completed his academic studies at Lincoln University in Missouri with a major in music.  Music has remained important to Jim throughout his adult life.  During the time he lived in Illinois he played first chair clarinet with the Lake Forest Symphony and E-flat clarinet with the Evanston Symphony. He plays keyboard and vibes. Branching away from his classical training, Jim has also been known to play Jazz clarinet with some of his keyboard-playing friends.  He has also created and recorded a CD of relaxation music titled Soft Songs (originally called Angel Whispers).  Jim has created original music for video and audio productions including made for television motion pictures. Some of his works are used in conjunction with a one-woman dramatic performance, "Winterkill".  Jim is currently working on a sequel album to Soft Songs.

Soft SongsClick HERE to listen nowto excerpts from Soft Songs and to find out how to download your copy


The Tilmon Group is available to create original music as accompaniment to a variety of production needs and requests.